Webinar Workgroup

Webinar Workgroup

The NACNS Webinar workgroup is accepting applications for volunteers with experience in the role of continuing education (CE) nurse planner. We are seeking applicants that are willing and able to assist in the reviewing, preparation, and submission of Webinar presentations for CE accreditation.

This is a very active and engaging workgroup. The 2020-2021 Webinar strategy includes up to 3-Webinars per month, vetting of qualified presenters, weekly meetings, and approximately 2-4 additional hours of service per Webinar application.

If you have experience as a nurse planner in the preparation of applications for accredited CE hours and would like to contribute to the NACNS Webinar strategy during 2020-2021, review the charges below and fill out the volunteer application here.

The Webinar workgroup falls under the governance of the Professional Development Committee. NACNS seeks a “turnkey” approach, where the contracted individual will provide the following (not listed in order of preference):

  1. Provides leadership to develop, administer, and deliver accredited CE courses based on NACNS membership needs with a primary focus on clinical professional development courses.
  2. Collaborates with the Graduate Education and Conference Committees to monitor current CNS trends and practices for continuous professional development programs.
  3. Collaborates with NACNS Association Management Company (AMC) to ensure administrative tasks (e.g. records and standards as required by CE accrediting body) are meeting the expectations of the Board of Directors and membership.
  4. Upholds consistent high-quality CE programs by implementing a continuous improvement process including review and analyses of feedback, evaluations, and other data informing performance to NACNS Board of Directors and membership.
  5. Prepares and provides written reports to the appropriate accrediting agencies to achieve and maintain CE provider status.
  6. Leads coordination and recruitment of expert speakers for CE courses.
  7. Assist in development and implementation of policies, procedures and standards for CE programs and ensures compliance with accreditation agency regulations.
  8. In partnership with NACNS association managing company (AMC), manages and evaluates vendors and consultants as they relate to continuing education services.
  9. Assists in building partnerships with NACNS membership, CNSs, leaders, healthcare organizations, and educational institutions.
  10. Provides routine reporting to the Board of Directors and the Professional Development Committee on current and future program planning.
  11. Leads the Webinar workgroup program planning meetings.