Project Management & Dissemination Toolkit

The purpose of this toolkit is to provide a resource for CNS educators, practicing CNSs, CNS students, and others on project management and dissemination.  The focus is on quality improvement or evidence-based practice projects.

Project Management: Overview

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Project Management:  Models and Frameworks

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IHI Model for Improvement


Lean Enterprise Institute

Lean Six Sigma

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Project Management:  Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation

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Project Management:  Sustaining Improvements

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Dissemination:  Overview

All conferences and journals have specific instructions and guidelines on submissions. Be sure to review them and format your submission according to their instructions.

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Dissemination:  Plagiarism

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Dissemination:  Writing Skills

APA Style

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Dissemination:  Conference Presentations

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Dissemination: Poster Presentations

Review the conference instructions for your poster.

How to Create a Research Poster

Smart Poster

Rethinking the Science Poster

Dissemination:  Manuscript Submission

Most journals require authors to format manuscripts using the Standards for Quality Improvement Reporting Excellence (SQUIRE) if you are submitting a QI paper.

Journal Selection- Find journals, authors, or articles at JANE:

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