National Nursing Association Announces Research Agenda 2024-2028

Aligning research priorities within the three spheres of impact influenced by Clinical Nurse Specialists can help elucidate the importance to this Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) role.  Clinical Nurse Specialists hold diverse positions leading research initiatives that improve patience care, nursing practice, and address organizations and healthcare systems advancements.  Clinical Nurse Specialists influence care across the lifespan.

The National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists announces its research agenda on these topics for the next five years.

The task force identified eight areas for the 2024-2029 Research Agenda:

Patient Direct Care

  1. Impact of the APRN Clinical Nurse Specialist improving patient direct care outcomes.  (population health, social determinants of health, person-centered outcomes, diversity-inclusion-equity)
  2. Health Promotion (wellness[well-being], symptom management, quality of life, functional status, community health, sex & gender)
  3. Palliative care across the lifespan

Nurses and Nursing Practice

  1. Nursing practice (staffing, scope of practice, nurse sensitive indicators, competency informed practice, innovation, evidence translation)
  2. Specialty practice (mentoring, coaching, consultation, collaboration)
  3. Education (health care providers, students, patients, families, populations, communities)

Organizations & Healthcare Systems

  1. Healthcare system research (environments of care, delivery, services, models of care, cost-effectiveness, telehealth, leadership, interprofessional collaboration, translation science).
  2. Health Care Policy (scope of practice, regulation, digital health, artificial intelligence, implementation science)

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