New #1 Book On Conquering Stress Launches!

What if Stress Could Be Both Prevented and Eliminated?

Haven’t You Suffered Enough: Clinically Proven Methods to Conquer StressIt can! In this groundbreaking book Haven’t You Suffered Enough: Clinically Proven Methods to Conquer Stress, Dr. Brenda Lyon, Clinical Nurse Specialist, shows us how. Her proven stress-reduction and elimination techniques are grounded in validated theory and research and have been developed over thirty years of study.

Dr. Lyon has effectively helped hundreds of people learn how to both prevent and eliminate stress entirely and its accompanying symptoms of emotional and physical suffering. If you’re overwhelmed, experiencing anxiety, chronic anger, guilt, or frustration (the hallmarks of stress) HAVEN’T YOU SUFFERED ENOUGH? is the book for you!

While Dr. Lyon’s work is grounded in science, this book is designed to provide the same warmth, encouragement, and confidence Dr. Lyon’s clients received in session with her. Through real-life examples, you’ll see how your own mindset can be transformed from stress to peace even in the midst of trials. If you are ready to break the never-ending cycle of stress management, join Dr. Lyon to find a remarkably simple and effective way out.

Dr. Brenda LyonDR. BRENDA LYON, PhD, CNS, RN is Professor Emerita at the Indiana University School of Nursing. During her 34-year career in private practice, she worked with patients guiding them through stress and stress-related physical illness. Dr. Lyon has conducted over 350 stress-reduction workshops nationwide and has authored numerous award-winning publications on conquering stress. She is a Fellow in both the American Academy of Nursing and the interdisciplinary National Academies of Practice.

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