Nurses Month 2021

NACNS Nurses Month 2021

Happy National Nurses Month!

The Year of the Nurse has extended into 2021! As such, the American Nurses Association (ANA) has extended National Nurses Week to a month-long celebration again! We’re excited to dedicate this month to celebrating and honoring the work you do as a CNS. Just like last year, National Nurses Month will introduce a new theme each week.

We will be sending weekly communications that are dedicated to the theme of each week, so make sure you check social media and watch your inbox! If you don’t receive communications from NACNS already, join our mailing list and check out the ones you missed below.

Week One: Self-Care
Week Two: Recognition
Week Three: Professional Development
Week Four: Community Engagement

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Throughout the month, NACNS will be sharing communications, micro-challenges, tips, and resources that cater to the CNS. Make sure you are following our accounts and join the conversation with the hashtags below!


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