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NACNS’ Statement on Injustice

Recently, the US passed a mile marker in its struggle with COVID-19: 100,000 lives lost. A tragedy. During this time, nurses across the nation have faced significant challenges and stress with constant reminders of the fragility and preciousness of human life. In addition, different events occurred over the last few weeks that raise new challenges. Recent senseless deaths illustrate the inequity caused by racism, and like COVID-19, its disproportionate impact on African Americans.

Clinical Nurse Specialists are committed to practicing with compassion and respect for the inherent dignity, worth, and personal attributes of every person, without prejudice. This is the first provision in the Code of Ethics for Nurses. Let’s live up to the words of our own provision and commit to social justice in words and deeds.

The National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialist (NACNS) calls for all of us to commit to work to end racism, discrimination and disparities in access to health care. Now is the time for all of us to use our voice and create change.

We encourage CNSs to use their leadership positions to become agents of change. Lack of diversity amongst CNSs and health equity issues are two areas NACNS commits itself to making substantive changes in to help create a better world for all beginning today. To that end, NACNS is establishing a Diversity and Inclusion Committee directly reporting to the Board of Directors with the objective of increasing diversity among CNSs nationwide as well as within the NACNS leadership.

President NACNS