Event Details for Speakers


  • Complete Speaker Disclosure Form: December 31, 2021
    *this will be sent separately from our CEU provider in the coming weeks
  • Upload Presentation: January 31, 2022
  • Upload Handouts / Videos (if self-recording): February 15, 2022
  • Book Hotel Reservation: February 18, 2022

Speaker Resources

Presentation Details

Room Set-Up

  • NACNS will provide a laptop which will be located at the podium.
  • You will advance your slides from the lectern and will be able to see them on the Screen and on the monitor.
  • Each room is set up with a podium microphone.
  • You should also bring your presentation on a flash drive for back-up.
  • Audiovisual technicians will be available throughout the meeting space should you have any questions or issues regarding the equipment in the room. Staff will also be present to help you.

PowerPoint Guidelines

  • An ideal format for your PowerPoint presentation would be a 16×9 format, as this version that will look best on the screens provided in the breakout meeting space
  • A minimal slide typeface of 28 point and hard-copy typeface to be a minimum of 1/4 inch is suggested.
  • Please be aware of copyright issues when developing your slides. All speakers are individually responsible for any copyright violations.
  • Please note that all presentations will be shown on the latest version of PowerPoint on all laptops which will handle any presentations made with the preceding versions as well.

Session Introductions

  • Each session is assigned a volunteer who will introduce the session and the speakers.
  • Information on each speaker is obtained from your original abstract submission.
  • If you have a preferred introduction, please bring a short-printed bio sketch with you to give to the person introducing you.

Session Recording

On-Site Recording

You may opt to record your session on site. We will have a conference room dedicated to recording and a sign-up system. Please note, this will be in addition to your live presentation. We will not be capturing a recording of your live presentation.


Please record your session in an MP4 format by following the below procedure:

  1. Download Zoom (free at www.zoom.us)
  2. Complete your presentation and have it open on your desktop.
  3. From the Home tab in Zoom, click Start with video. A meeting window will open.
  4. Click Join Audio by Computer.
  5. When you are ready, hit Share Screen to show your presentation materials. You should still see yourself in a corner on your screen – we recommend that you continue to have your webcam open so that you are shown talking during your presentation. This will help the audience connect with you as the speaker.
  6. When you are ready, click the Record button and begin to present. You can choose to Record on this Computer or Record to Cloud. You can advance your presentation using the arrows, mouse, or space bar. To exit the full screen view, hit the Escape button.
  7. Click End Meeting when finished.
  8. If you selected Record on this Computer, a pop-up window will appear for instructions on how to save your video.
  9. If you selected Record to Cloud, the video will automatically save once you end the meeting and you will receive an email telling you when your file has been downloaded. You will need to follow the directions in the email to access your saved file.

Zoom Resources:

Presentation, Handout & Recording Submission

  • Your presentation needs to be uploaded to Proposal Space by January 31, 2022.
  • All presenters are asked to please upload any additional materials or handouts to be to your Proposal Space abstract submission. We will post these online to allow attendees to download the materials prior to the conference. Handouts can be your PowerPoint presentation in PDF format (3 slides per page with notes) or ancillary word or PDF documents that support the presentation. Please upload all handouts no later than February 15. 2-2022.
  • If self-recording, your video must also be uploaded to Proposal Space by February 15, 2022.

Uploading PowerPoint, Handouts and Recordings to Proposal Space

  • Log into Proposal Space and click into your selected abstract. Proposal Space is the same portal through which you submitted your abstract).
  • Scroll to the Session Materials section (at the bottom of the proposal) and add your PowerPoint file, any handouts and your video (if self-recording), one at a time.
  • Please name your files using the following naming conventions:
    • PowerPoint: Session Title_Author_PPT
    • Handouts: Session Title_Author_Handouts
    • Videos: Session Title_Author_Recording
  • Select the type of item (File or URL). You will use File.
  • Click the Choose File button and locate the item on your computer or local network.
  • Click the Save button.
  • Repeat this process for any remaining files you need to share.


All presenters are required to register for this event. If you have not done so already, please register here. Please note that Early Bird rates end February 14, 2022.