2016 Annual Conference

Friday, March 4, 2016

Schedule of Events
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7:00 am – 5:00 pmRegistration
8:00 am – 9:00 amBreakfast in Exhibit Hall
9:15 am – 10:15 amNACNS Business Meeting and Awards
10:15 am – 11:15 amGeneral Session
Catalyzing Change in a Dynamic Healthcare Market: Reflections on the CNS Role
Regina Cunningham, PhD, RN, AOCN, FAAN, Hospital of the University of
Pennsylvania & University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing
11:15 am – 12:00 pmAM Break in Exhibit Hall
12:00 pm – 1:15 pmConcurrent Session D
D1:  Clinical Management Lecture
Ketamine and Lidocaine Infusions: Adjuvants for Pain Management ChallengesHandout
• Cynthia Klaess
D2: Symposium
Extra, Extra Read All About It. NACNS Affiliate Creates Dynamic Website!Handout 1Handout 2Handout 3
• Thomas L. Drescher, Mary Beth Modic, and Stacy Claus
D3: Clinical Management Lecture
Enhancing Safety for Patients Taking Oral Anticoagulant MedicationsHandout
• M. Jane Swartz
D4: Outcomes 2
Clinical Nurse Specialist Strategically Positioned at the Leadership Table to Impact Quality OutcomesHandout
• Shannon Page & Courtney FoucheTransforming the Patient Education Experience and its Effect on Quality, Satisfaction, and Clinical OutcomesHandout
• Amber StitzAcuity-based, Patient-Centered Nurse-Patient Assignment: Enhancing Nurse Satisfaction and Improving Patient Outcome
• Sitha Dy & Melissa Kavanagh
D5: HAC 2
Improving Patient Mobility in the Medical-Surgical PopulationHandout
• Danette CulverPressure Ulcer Prevention in the Emergency Department: The Challenge and Solution in the High Activity SettingHandout
• Ron KrausInvesting in Clinical Nurses’ Passion for Wound Care through a Mentored FellowshipHandout
• Ave Preston
D6: Alarms/Interventions
Nix the Noise! Positive Outcomes on the Reduction of Clinical Alarms from a Multidisciplinary Approach led by the Clinical Nurse SpecialistHandout
• Cynthia LewisChanging a Culture and Impacting Alarm FatigueHandout
• MaryAnn McKenna Moon & Cristin PhillipsThe CNS Role in Implementing the American Academy of Nursing’s List For the  Choosing Wisely® CampaignHandout
• Mary Fran Tracy, Cheryl Sullivan, Karen Cox & Beth Ann Swan
D7: Educational Resources
The Use of Standardized Templates in an Evidence-Based Practice & Research Fellowship Program to Achieve Sustainable Positive OutcomesHandout 1Handout 2Handout 3Handout 4
• Elisa JangEvidence-based Practice CNS Capstone Project CriteriaHandout
• Ann MayoThe Future is Today: Inspiring Writing in Nurses (IWIN)Handout
Lianna Ansryan Klemp,  Caroline Marshall,  Bernice Coleman, Alice Chan &
Harriet Aronow
1:30 pm – 2:45 pmIncoming President’s Luncheon
3:00 pm – 4:15 pmConcurrent Session E
E1: Clinical Management Lecture
Pharmacologic Management of Refractory Elevation in Intracranial PressureHandout
• Tara Sacco
E2: Symposium
Take a Chance on Me! Investing in the Next Generation of Clinical LeadersHandout
• Joyce Fitzpatrick, K. Kelly Hancock & Mary Beth Modic
E3: Pain
The Use of Sub-dissociative Doses of Ketamine in the Emergency Department: A CNS & Physician CollaborativeHandout
• Amanda Shrout & Micheal ReinhartImproving Inpatient Pain Management using a Three Tiered Opioid Pain Management ProtocolHandout
• Courtney Fouche & Jennifer SweeneyImproving Opioid Safety Through the Use of CapnographyHandout
• Susan Fisher
E4: Sepsis
Red Hot Mamma’s: Sepsis in the Perinatal PopulationHandout 1Handout 2
• Traci Lorch & Deborah TuggleReducing HAPUs in Solid Organ Abdominal Transplant Patients in the Transplant ICUHandout
• Nancy VerwersEarly Identification of Sepsis Outside the ICU: Development and Implementation of a Sepsis Screening Process on the Medical-Surgical UnitHandout 1Handout 2
• Susan Schedler
E5: Practice 2
Clinical Nurse Specialist-Led Collaborative Practice Model in Patient with Type 2 DiabetesHandout
• Linda Thurby-HayMinute Medication Reviews with RNs — Increasing HCHAPS Scores!Handout
• Tamara Alexander, Ashley Mickiewicz & Jonathan LalliA Clinical Nurse Specialist Discusses Sexuality: Have You Talked About Sex Lately?
• Paul-André Gauthier
E6: Patient/Family
Patient and Family Description of Acuity Adaptable Care Model
• Jennifer Kitchens, Janet Fulton & Lenora MazeIt’s More Than Tasks: Achieving Sustainable Patient Outcomes by Connecting Basic Care to Nursing’s Advocacy RoleHandout
• Kathleen VollmanBedside Connection: An Innovative Reinvention of Shift ReportHandout
• Betty Halvorson, Christina Beck, Elyse DeMar, Giselle Gerada, Silvia Lorenzo,
Erin Mann & Brenda Ryan
4:15 pm – 5:00 pmPM Break in Exhibit Hall
5:00 pm – 6:15 pmConcurrent Session F
F1: Clinical Management Lecture
What Every CNS Should Know About Value-Based PurchasingHandout
• Kathleen Stacy
F2: Symposium
The Impact of the Clinical Nurse Specialist During Electronic Medical Record ImplementationHandout
• Kelly Johnson, Kristi Reguin-Hartman & Rhonda Vincent
F3: Cost
Clinical Judgement and Coding: Case Reviews of Pressure Ulcers Present on AdmissionHandout
• Megan GreenmanRapid Response Team Rounder: A CNS Lead Program Innovating Care DeliveryHandout 1Handout 2Handout 3
• Elisa Jang & Natalie Correll-YoderSharing Successful Strategies for the CNS…Strategic Cost Analysis, Succinct Business Plans, Superb Project Management Organization
• Anita White
F4: Maternal Child
Using Trended Data to Acquire and Train Labor NursesHandout
• Yvonne Dobbenga-RhodesChanging Healthcare Delivery- A Baby Friendly ModelHandout 1Handout 2
• Vivian HaughtonThe Creation of a Comprehensive Clinical Nurse Specialist Orientation in a Pediatric HospitalHandout
• Mayra Rodriguez & Jennifer Watt
F5: Technology
Clinical Nurse Specialist Successfully Leads an Interdisciplinary, System-wide Heart Failure TeamHandout
• Kimberly FowlerThe CNS Role in E-novation: Aligning CNS Competencies with Development of a Novel Tele-ICU ProgramHandout
• Christina CanfieldThe Clinical Nurse Specialist Role in Defining an Interprofessional Approach to Caring for Patients with a Wearable Cardiac DefibrillatorHandout
• Jen Ferrier & Lynette Stuart Mullen
F6: Hypothermia
It’s Getting Hot in Here and Not Just in the OR: Standardizing Malignant Hyperthermia Management for Multiple Units Identified at RiskHandout
• Dawnmarie Devito, Adriana Senatore, Irene Sudah, Jennifer Pirozzi &
Kathleen Mahoney
Mentoring the Nurse of the Future: CNS Students in an Interventional SettingHandout
• Alexandra Penzias & Howard T. BlanchardThe Role of the Clinical Nurse Specialist/ Clinical Nurse Educator in Implementing a Pan ICU Therapeutic Temperature Management (TTM) Program
• Sandia Royal, Ester Caballero & Sheron Kurian
F7: Care Transitions
Diabetes Education and Care Transitions for Patients with Diabetes Across the Continuum- Pulling the Team Together
• Jean RunquistImproving Care Coordination Across Inpatient and Outpatient Settings: Optimizing CNS Structure and PracticeHandout
• Amy Patterson, Megan Hoffman & Tina MasonTeaming Up to Take Down Complex Patient Complications in the CommunityHandout
• Karie Falder, Brennan Lewis & Lindsey Patton