2018 Educator’s Forum and CNS Summit

2016 CNS Summit

Westin Arlington Gateway
Arlington, VA

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2016 CNS Summit
July 19, 2016

Draft Summit Agenda (PDF)
The following sessions have been planned:

  • The CNS’ evolution into non-traditional settings,
  • Overview of the key legislation impacting the CNS,
  • Ideas of how the CNS can track their services and consider cost-savings for interventions,
  • A discussion of the technology human interface with a human factors expert

2016 Educators Forum
July 18, 2016

Educator’s Forum Agenda (PDF)
This year’s discussion will focus on three important areas:

  • The use of simulation technology in the education of the advanced practice registered nurse (APRN),
  • Sharing ideas on how to creatively use your curriculum to meet the needs of the CNS student,
  • Key considerations in developing a curriculum for a BSN to DNP program vs. an MSN to DNP curriculum.