Committee Involvement

Call for NACNS 2024-2025 Volunteers

The NACNS 2024-2025 Call for Volunteers is now closed. Decisions will be communicated before July 1. 

Members of NACNS are invited to participate in several different volunteer capacities, as members of committees and task forces. These volunteer opportunities are an important part of NACNS’s operations. Participation on a task force or committee is a great way to contribute to NACNS as well as to get to know other important CNSs from around the country! Continue reading below for a more detailed description of the volunteer opportunities, and find out how to apply to be involved!

Learn More About NACNS Committees

Call for Student Volunteers

NACNS is now extending the opportunity to participate in its committees to Student members. We will recruit two students per committee.  Participation will begin July 1.

Choose your top 3 choices based on your interests and talent. Talk to your faculty too about your time doing committee work as part of clinical hours (see Competency O12).

What to expect: Anticipate meeting with the committee once per month for one hour. You would prepare for meetings by looking over the agenda, participating in the meeting with ideas, etc., and then assigned a task in between meetings to report back at the next meeting. Anticipate 4 hours / month.


What is the typical time commitment? Committees typically meet at least once per month via teleconference. Committees may choose to meet via traditional conference calls or a computer screen-sharing technology such as Zoom. Some committees assign work for members between meetings. Please estimate spending an average of 2 – 4 hours per month on committee tasks.

You may review the Expectations for Committee Involvement here.

What type of work does the committee do? The NACNS Board of Directors will develop and assign a charge for each committee.

When will I hear if I am selected? Once the call for nominations for committee volunteers closes, the NACNS president and committee chairs will review the applications.  Committee volunteers should receive communication about their acceptance in July.  Our goal is for all committees will begin meeting in July.

How do I apply? Please complete the online application for full members or student members. The online application will ask you to upload your CV or resume and a 250-word description of your qualifications and why you are interested in serving.

If I am currently on a committee and at the end of my term, can I reapply? Yes, you may re-apply for your committee if your term is up.  Our bylaws limit an individual’s service on a committee to 6 consecutive years.  If you are unaware if your term is ending, please contact Juliana Gordon at

Thank you for considering joining the ranks of NACNS volunteers! We greatly value the time commitment and dedication of our volunteers and we appreciate your interest in giving back to the only association promoting the unique contributions of the CNS to health care.