2023 Call for Nominations

NACNS 2023 Call for Nominations

Service and leadership are core competencies for the clinical nurse specialist and by taking the time to increase your knowledge about NACNS leadership opportunities, you are already taking positive action towards becoming a more competent CNS!  As with most volunteer-led organizations, NACNS depends on the willingness of outstanding and motivated members to offer up their time and expertise in support of the organization. In doing this, you have the chance to grow personally and professionally while knowing you are supporting the CNS role and your CNS colleagues. We depend on nomination applications to ensure that we have a sufficient number of outstanding candidates to populate our ballot this fall.

Nominations Webinar

On August 25 we hosted a webinar to review the nominations process, open positions, and address any questions you may have. You can view the webinar here.

Open Positions (individuals can only run for 1 elected office):

(To view position information, click on the position name.)

President-Elect – (1 open position)
Secretary/Treasurer – (1 open position)
Board Director at Large – (3 open positions)
Nominating Committee Member – (4 open positions)

The Nominations period has now closed. Stay tuned for additional information on the upcoming election.

Nominating committee members must be members in good standing when they apply and are elected for a 2 – year term. The work of the nominating committee will be conducted by conference call. Most of the work happens prior to the opening of the call for nomination through the publication of the NACNS election.

Details for Board and Officer Positions
  • Work of the board and elected officers occurs primarily by monthly conference calls.
  • NACNS Bylaws specify that a minimum of 2 years of consecutive membership is required to run for a board-related office.
  • All board-related positions are for a 2-year term. The president-elect has a 3-year term (1 year as president-elect, 1 year as president, and 1 year as past president.)
  • There are two face-to-face board meetings per year. Meetings occur at the Annual Conference and in July. Elected board members are encouraged to attend the NACNS Annual Conference March 11-13, 2023. in Portland, OR.
  • The first board meeting for the newly elected board members takes place on Saturday (March 14) of the 2020 Annual Conference. NACNS does not pay expenses for newly elected board members to attend this meeting.
  • NACNS has a volunteer reimbursement policy that offsets much of the costs of your travel to and from the board meetings after the 2020 Annual Conference. This policy will go into effect for your travel from April 2022 through the end of your term in March 2025.

Incomplete nominations will not be considered.
Nominations must be received by Friday, October 7, 2022

Frequently Asked Question about the Call for Nominations

What positions are open for the 2023 election?

President-elect (1), Secretary/Treasurer (1) Board of Directors (3), Nominating Committee (4)

What is the time commitment for each position?

Secretary/Treasurer: ~24 hours/month

Nominating Committee:  ~1 hour/month; Sept & Oct is ~3 hours/month

Board of Directors: ~11 hours/month & face-to-face meeting 2x/year

President: See full details in webinar

  • President-Elect: ~19 hours/month
  • President: ~74 hours/month
  • Past-President: ~19 hours/month

How will my time and service benefit NACNS?

Volunteers are needed for NACNS to function. Each volunteer brings a wealth of experiences and expertise that strengthens the organization which elevates us all.  Your service ensures that NACNS will continue to grow and expand to serve our CNS members.

What can I expect during the application process?

You can apply through the 2023 Call for Nominations webpage within the NACNS website.  The application is web-based and includes a few short-response questions, your CV, and a photo.  After submission, a member of the Nominating Committee will reach out to you to schedule an interview.  Following the completion of interviews, a provisional ballot will be sent to the Board of Directors for approval.  The ballot will then be sent to membership for a vote which usually takes place in late October.  Those elected will be notified in early December and their service will begin in March 2023.

Do you have questions? If so, please email nominating@nacns.org. Please put “election question” in the email subject line.