2022 Elections

Your 2022 Guide - Voting in the NACNS Elections

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Our NACNS elected leaders represent the CNS at the national level on various critical issues; they also make decisions on behalf of NACNS. As a membership organization, we need your involvement in deciding who represents the CNS nationally. Please take a few moments and vote today.

Positions Up for 2022 Election

President-Elect – 1 open position
Board Director at Large – 3 open positions
Nominating Committee Member – 4 open positions

(To learn about each position, click on the position name)

Meet the Candidates

The NACNS Nominating Committee has done an outstanding job identifying, screening, and interviewing potential candidates to lead NACNS.

For a more detailed look into each nominee on the ballot, you can access their CV, cover letter, and questionnaire on the Candidates’ Page in the NACNS portal.

NACNS Elections are open from November 9 through December 6. To guarantee that your vote is counted, please cast your ballot by December 6.

Dates and Deadlines

November 9, 2021 – Elections Open

Important Dates

December 6, 2021 – Elections Close

Late March 2022 – Elected leaders take office

NACNS Elections FAQs

Who is eligible to vote?
Each NACNS full, retired, and legacy member is eligible to share their voice and submit their vote for upcoming board and nominating committee elections

How do I vote?
Once you have familiarized yourself with the candidates, please check your email for your unique ballot code and follow this link to cast your vote.

Why should I vote?
Our NACNS elected leaders represent the CNS at the national level on various critical issues; you should have a voice in deciding who that person is. Only 15% of the NACNS membership has participated in our organization’s leaders’ election in past years. While you are thinking about your civic duty to vote in US elections, be sure to carry out your professional responsibility as a CNS and vote for your NACNS leaders.