CNS Communiqué

PRODIGY Trial to Develop Novel Respiratory Compromise Risk Prediction Tool

The Journal of Critical Care recently published a manuscript about PRODIGY (PRediction of Opioid- induced respiratory Depression In patients monitored by capnoGraphY), a clinical trial designed to create and validate a novel respiratory compromise (RC) risk prediction tool to identify medical and surgical patients at increased RC danger while receiving opioids on the general care floor (GCF).  Primary findings from the trial have an anticipated release in early 2019, with secondary findings to follow.

RC is common, with an incidence of nearly one in every five patients recovering from major surgery.  Despite its prevalence, it can go undetected and is largely unpredictable, adding to poor outcomes, activation of rapid response teams, unnecessary admissions to intensive care units, and a drain on staff and resources.  The researchers conclude that the PRODIGY trial will aid clinicians by developing a novel validated RC-risk prediction scoring tool for patients receiving opioids on the GCF.  The tool has the potential to change clinical practice as the nursing profession strives for the safer recovery of surgical and medical patients.