CNS Communiqué


As we go to press, several congressional races are still in contention. However, what is definitive is that the Democrats have taken back the House and the Senate still has a Republican majority. Divided control of Congress ensures that any attempts to repeal and/or replace additional elements of the Affordable Care Act will be dead on arrival, particularly given the prominence of protecting patients with pre-existing conditions in Democratic campaign messaging.

♦  114 million voters cast their ballots – the most it has ever been for a midterm election.

♦  There will be 85 new members of Congress in 2019 – meaning more than 15% of Congress will be freshmen on January 3.

♦  In the Illinois 14th congressional district, Lauren Underwood, MSN, MPH, BSN successfully unseated her incumbent opponent. She focused her campaign messaging on the need to improve health policy.

♦  Medicaid expansion was passed in Idaho, Nebraska and Utah. The measure failed in Montana.

♦  Kansas and Maine elected governors who have shown support for Medicaid expansion.

♦  Establishing mandatory nurse-patient ratios in hospitals failed in Massachusetts.