CNS Listserv

CNS Listserv

The CNS listserv is funded by NACNS and provided to members and non-members at no cost as a benefit to the CNS community. Please consider supporting NACNS’s mission by becoming a member or donating to CNSI.

Wondering what CNSs around the country are doing about a new recommendation? Need ideas to solve a clinical issue? The CNS Listserv might be for you!

The CNS listserv is a community of clinical nurse specialists and other interested parties supported by NACNS. Subscribe to the CNS listserv by sending a blank email to from the email address that you will use to read the list. The list manager will approve your subscription, then you will receive a welcome message. You will then be connected to over 600 of your colleagues to share ideas, projects, etc.

To access the searchable listserv archives, go to

A blank message to these addresses performs the following:
• To get on the list:
• To get off the list:
• Toggle to/from the fancy digest version:
• Toggle to/from the vacation list:
• Post your message to the list, send it to
• To contact the list owner, send your message to