Novice Innovator CNS Scholarship

The Pamela Jane Nye Novice Innovator Clinical Nurse Specialist Scholarship

NACNS is pleased the be able to offer The Pamela Jane Nye Novice Innovator Clinical Nurse Specialist Scholarship. The Pamela Jane Nye Operation Scrubs (OPi) Novice Innovator Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) Scholarship is a national, annual collaborative award with NACNS given to working CNSs seeking to begin a nursing business as a novice entrepreneur or intrapreneur within the employment setting.  This grant money is funded by Operation Scrubs, Incorporated, a non-profit company with a mission to educate and honor nurses. The American Heart / American Stroke Association holds in reserve, the funds in the Pamela Jane Nye Donor Advised Fund until it is released to the scholarship-winning CNS in the amount of $2000.00.

Submissions are Officially Open. The Deadline to Submit is December 15th.

Eligibility: Eligible applicants are working CNSs who have begun and leading the process of

  • Business ownership by applying for a Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) with national offices as an act of good faith and intention to proceed with business development (entrepreneur)
  • Business innovation within an employment setting with administrative-approved proposal as an act of good faith and intention to proceed with business development (intrapreneur)
  • Product invention/development and pursuing patent/licensing

Additional Criteria:

  • Licensed with State Board of Nursing
  • Currently employed and working at least 20 hours/week, in good standing with his/her hospital, clinic, or employer
  • Have a Federal EIN (entrepreneur candidates only)
  • Member of NACNS
  • CNS applicants must submit
    • 2 letters of reference, one page long each
    • Current CV
    • Business/Initiative Plan, not to exceed 750 words, describing the nursing business (see criteria identified below.)

Business Initiative Plan:  The 750-word business plan should be double-spaced and in 12 pt. Times New Roman font. Content should be free of typographical, spelling, and grammatical errors.

  • Cover: The cover has identification of applicant & contact information which will be removed prior to Awards Work Group evaluation. Download the cover to fill out here.
  • Business/Initiative Name (5-10 words)
  • Executive Summary: Need for the business initiative (150-200 words)
    • Consider current situation, need for change, time and cost reduction
  • Mission/Vision Statement (10-20 words), if applicable
  • Profile: description of the nursing business (150-200 words)
  • Projected financial needs for start-up or projected needs for 1 year in existing or proposed business (150-200 words)

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