Principles & Elements of a Healthful Practice/Work Environment

The Nursing Organizations Alliance believes that a healthful practice/work environment is supported by the presence of the following elements:

  1. Collaborative Practice Culture
    Respectful collegial communication & behavior Team orientation
    Presence of trust
    Respect for diversity
  2. Communication Rich Culture Clear and respectful

    Open & trusting

  3. A Culture of Accountability
    Role expectations are clearly defined

    Everyone is accountable

  4. The Presence of Adequate Numbers of Qualified Nurses
    Ability to provide quality care to meet client/patient’s needs Work/home life balance
  5. The Presence of Expert, Competent, Credible, Visible Leadership Serve as an advocate for nursing practice
    Support shared decision-making
    Allocate resources to support nursing
  6. Shared Decision-Making at All Levels
    Nurses participate in system, organizational, and process decisions Formal structure exists to support shared decision-making
    Nurses have control over their practice
  7. The Encouragement of Professional Practice & Continued Growth/Development Continuing education/certification is supported/encouraged
    Participation in professional association encouraged
    An information rich environment is supported
  8. Recognition of the Value of Nursing’s Contribution Reward and pay for performance

    Career mobility and expansion

  9. Recognition by Nurses for Their Meaningful Contribution to Practice

These nine elements will be fostered and promoted, as best fits, into the work of individual member organizations of the Alliance. ~2004~