Mission and Goals

NACNS Purpose, Mission, and Vision

Adopted as part of the 2023-2028 Strategic Plan

Purpose: NACNS serves as the national authority on clinical nurse specialists’ (CNS) practice, education, and research regardless of specialty.  NACNS strives to increase the global visibility and influence of CNSs as Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs).  NACNS provides a forum for CNSs to advance nursing knowledge and clinical inquiry, share resources, and discuss current issues to improve healthcare outcomes.

Mission: To advocate and advance the unique expertise and value the CNS contributes to health care through policy, collaboration, and professional development.

Vision: Every CNS is an APRN with full scope-of-practice and a transformational innovator leading improvement in healthcare environments resulting in superior health outcomes for the populations they serve.

NACNS Core Values

Authentic Communication: We respect and promote discussion from multiple perspectives before solutions are considered.  This begins with truthfully describing the issues on the table and allowing viewpoints from all members of the board so decisions are finalized after multiple possibilities have been entertained and examined.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion: We encourage diversity of thought and inclusion/participation of all CNSs in the work of NACNS.

Strategic Thinking: NACNS is committed to collective decision making based on the best available evidence, the voices of our members, and the health care needs today and in the future.

Teamwork: NACNS is committed to working together to achieve our mission and vision.

Trust: We have a mutual understanding of our commitment to the work of NACNS, which is exemplified through leadership, professionalism, integrity, respect, and confidentiality.

Help Spread the Word about NACNS

NACNS is the only organization working to support the role of the CNS. In order for our voice to have impact in Congress, we need the support of all CNSs. The more members NACNS has, the stronger our voice. To help spread that word, the Membership Committee has been hard at work putting together a script/elevator speech for everyone to use to describe NACNS and what it does for our profession. It can be copied and pasted in an email, or it can be used to help you articulate the value that you get from being a member of our organization.

Download the Elevator Speech


NACNS 2022 Annual Report