Review standing committee charges

  • Affiliate Advisory Committee

    The Affiliate Advisory Committee shall provide information and guidance to affiliates, and shall ensure communication between the affiliate(s) and the Board of Directors.

    Desired skill set: Current affiliate member in a leadership role in an affiliate.

    Marci Mechtel, Chair
    Marcia Cornell, Co-Chair
    Gina Crudden
    Megan Siebert
    Heather Cuevas
    Andi Foley
    Janet Ahlstrom
    Kimberly DiGerolamo
    Holly Berndt-Hilu
    Lianna Ansryan
    Sharon Allan
    Kimberly Pate
    Lisa Goode
    Alexis Beal
    Susan Dresser

    Awards Committee

    This committee submits a call for CNS awards, reviews the applications and decides upon the awards.

    Desired skill set: Experience with award selections.

    Cynthia Bautista, Chair
    Mary Ann Francisco
    Kimberly (Kimmie) Curtin
    Tina Mason
    Sagie De Guzman
    Nancy Kaser
    Carly Byrne
    Sue Fowler
    Paula Halcomb
    Kimberly Young
    Pamela Moss

    Conference Planning Committee

    This committee plans the annual conference with NACNS’ event planning team.

    Desired skill set: Experience in conference planning or large events.

    Mary Lawanson-Nichols, Chair
    Eugena Bergvall
    Sheila DiRocco
    Cheryl Houseman
    Sharon Wahl
    Jean Christopher
    Kim Arthur
    Ann Busch
    Alicia Ramirez
    Maya Shamailov
    Jennifer Bath
    Cheryl Bittel
    Eric Piasecki
    Susan McDonald
    Jennifer Gilmore
    Mackenzie Edge-Reetz
    Linda Thurby-Hay
    Kimberly Ryan (staff)
    Alissa Bredbenner (staff)

    Continuing Education Committee

    Focus on planning and organizing continuing education offerings to include pre-recorded webinars, full day programming and on-demand courses.

    Desired skill set: Current experience in principles of adult education and on-line learning.

    Alisa Jaganjac, Chair
    Jennifer J. Jones
    David Bradley, Jr.
    Christine Huber
    Elizabeth Savage
    Oksana Nekoz
    Erica Fischer Cartlidge
    Megan Hoffman
    Crystalyn Acosta
    Jennifer Katlen
    Jill Nocella
    Alicia Ramirez
    Felecia Washington
    Julie Kathman
    Michele Manter
  • Jenny Riesenberg
    Jennifer Manning

    Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

    DEI Committee Page

    Graduate Education Committee

    The Education Committee shall provide guidance to the NACNS Board of Directors on key issues impacting graduate programs, faculty, students and national accrediting and credentialing bodies. This committee shall ensure that current data related to the preparation of CNSs are obtained and disseminated and shall provide multiple forums for CNS educators to address issues pertinent to CNS education.

    Desired skill set: Current or recent academic experience in CNS education and knowledgeable in curriculum and accreditation standards.

    Patricia Tuite, Chair
    Wendy Hamilton, Co-Chair
    Jennifer Jones
    Laura J McNamara
    M. Jane Swartz
    Margaret Murray
    Susan Bedwell
    Allison Fox
    Karolina Ho
    Beth Quatrara
    Carrie Bennett
    Cindy Wilk
    Elizabeth Mounir
    Marshall Gunnels
    Jaclyn Wiggins
    Jackie Iseler

    Legislative/Regulatory Committee

    The Leg/Reg Committee shall provide guidance to the NACNS Board of Directors on key issues impacting graduate programs, faculty, students and national accrediting and credentialing bodies. This committee shall ensure that current data related to title protection, licensure, and status as an APRN are obtained and disseminated.

    Desired skill set: Experience in policy writing ie., briefs and/or legislative activities.

    Elizabeth Duxbury, Chair
    Elizabeth Hoxie, Co-Chair
    Danny Lee
    Daniel Pollack
    Brooke Randol
    Sarah Taylor
    Patricia Britt
    Sonia Hedge
    Olivia Keenan
    Pamela Konrath
    Alexandra Truzzi
  • Julie Kathman
    Christine Perebzak
    Madeline Quinn
    Rick Bassett

    Membership Committee

    The membership committee shall provide advice to the NACNS Board of Directors on activities that can grow NACNS membership.

    Desired skill set: Experience in membership related activities with marketing ideas to grow membership.

    Kayla Little, Chair
    Sarah Chilson, Co-Chair
    Caitlin Healy
    Elizabeth Lynette Gunn
    Melissa Barach
    Ashley Hawkins
    Theresa Kirkpatrick
    Kate Balten
    Christine Brown
    Allegra Del Rio
    Betty Goodwin
    Heather Spaulding
    Megan Siebert
    Donna Martinez
    Samantha Knight
    Amy Shay

    Nominating Committee

    The Nominating Committee shall review the qualifications of all applicants and prepare a proposed slate for review and final approval by the Board of Directors.

    Desired skill set: Experience in search committee related work, interviewing skills, and growing a slate of diverse candidates.

    Faye Inumerables, Chair
    Carla Brim
    Marie Adorno
    Samantha Young
    Kenneth Romito
    Elizabeth Savage
    Renecha Abrams
    Alexandra Hughes
    Phyllis Whitehead

    Professional Development Committee

    The Professional Development Committee shall identify contemporary and evolving practice issues that affect CNSs and develop related activities such as, but not limited to, education, , clinical resources, practice advisory, and position statements.

    Desired skill set: Current or recent practice as a CNS (novice or experienced) and full practice authority experience.

    Julie Linder, Chair
    Barbara Potts
    Elissa Brown
    Erica Collins
    Jean Christopher
    Jennifer Wilson
    Jessica Buckner
    Lynne Brophy
    Jennifer Rice
    Catherine Lubliner
    Melissa Harlan
    Kathy Tripepi-Bova
    Kelly Bouthillet
    Margaret McLean
    Joseph Liggett
    Jennifer Dammeyer
    Kristen Hill
    Danielle Smith
    Heidi Ratzlaff
    Cherrie Pullium

    Research, EBP, and Scholarship Committee

    The Research, EBP, and Scholarship Committee shall conduct and/or direct research activities supporting the organization and CNS practice.

    Desired skill set: Experience in EBP and PI/QI and/or research methods (quantitative and qualitative)

    Mary Beth Makic, Chair
    Andie Slivinski, Co-Chair
    Patti Radovich
    Brittany Rhoades
    Tammy Hanks
    Berenice Arellano
    Sarah Knowles
    Alyson Keen
    Stephanie Knight
    Paula Halcomb
    Brenda Larkin
    Stephanie Chamberlain
    Julia Chou
    James Uregen
    Amy Shay

    Website and Listserv Committee

    Work with the management company/marketing to determine website content and displays that attract viewers and meet the mission and strategic goals of NACNS and ongoing assessment and improvement of the YM (YourMembership) community forums.

    Desired skill set: Working knowledge of on-line platforms for learning and marketing that meet needs of CNSs

    Jess Camp, Chair
    Yanli Jiang, Co-Chair
    Geralyn Lerg
    Ashley Perkins
    Eugena Bergvall
  • Janelle Harding
  • Michelle Pope
    Pamela Moss