Awards and Scholarships

The NACNS 2021 Awards Season is currently closed.

Each year the National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists recognizes individual members and affiliates who, through their extraordinary work, raise the profile of the clinical nurse specialist role, research, practice, education and service. 


The NACNS 2021 awards is officially closed.  NACNS is pleased to announce two new awards for NACNS members  – the 2021 Clinical Nurse Specialist Entrepreneur/Innovator of the Year and the Clinical Nurse Specialist Mentor of the Year.

The following are the awards being offered during the NACNS 2021 Award Season (Please click on the award title to view the description and criteria for each award, and to view the application form):


View past winners of the following awards:

Please note:  If awarded, it is expected that the award recipient will attend the 2021 NACNS Annual Conference.  Award recipients will receive an email letter announcing if they have received their award and the day and time the award is planned to be presented.

*The Awards Workgroup reserves the right to not select an awardee for a specific award if the candidates do not meet the eligibility criteria.