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NACNS’ Takeaways from ANA Hill Day 2024: Urging Congress to Improve Nursing Work Environments and Address Decades of Challenges

On June 27, 2024, nearly 500 nurses attended the American Nurse Association (ANA) Hill Day in Washington, D.C., participating in 235 meetings on various topics with 480 Legislature and Senate members and their staff. This annual effort helps to advocate for the over 5 million registered nurses worldwide.

Rick Bassett, NACNS President-Elect, Linda Thurby-Hay, NACNS Secretary & Treasurer, and Pamela Moss, NACNS Board Member, attended and participated in ANA Hill Day 2024. Amidst a nurse staffing crisis, advocacy for nurses is essential to help increase funding, implement safe standards, revise outdated laws, and more. Bassett was one of the hundreds of nurses at the U.S. Capitol Building seeking support and leading conversations with policymakers. Among the themes this year, Bassett noted four prominent areas Hill Day 2024 focused on:

  1. Improving Care and Access to Nurses (ICAN) Act
    • Allows nurses to provide certain services under Medicare and Medicaid, and removes practice barriers for CNSs and APRNs to provide more equitable care to patients in underserved areas.
  2. Restricting Mandatory Overtime for Nurses
    • Restricts use of mandatory overtime, with common sense exceptions, while providing whistleblower protection and requiring healthcare facilities to create policies relating to nurse overtime.
  3. Protect Timely Access to Quality Nursing Care in Long-Term Care Facilities
    • Establishes minimum safe staffing requirements, provides an exemption for understaffed facilities, and addresses nurse burnout and attrition.
  4. Nurse Faculty Shortage Reduction Act
    • Working to establish a 5-year pilot program to increase faculty at schools of nursing, create a grant to help combat the pay gap between clinical nursing and nurse faculty roles, and prioritize programs that serve vulnerable populations.

These four topics all relate to improving nurses’ working environment and practice barriers that have existed for decades. Participants of Hill Day collectively focused on these topics, working together to make their voices heard. The positive impact that Hill Day brings will benefit all registered nurses, including CNSs, by improving work environments and removing practice barriers.

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