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Congratulations to the January 2024 CNS Program Graduates!

Dear January 2024 Graduates,

Congratulations on completing your CNS program! One of the greatest perks of being a new CNS is that suddenly, you have the freedom to expand your practice, innovate, and implement changes with authority — the very changes that motivated you to pursue this career path.

With your extensive knowledge, skills, and experience coupled with CNS leadership, you can now operate at the highest level, even diagnosing and prescribing medical care as an APRN.

Here’s a piece of advice: establish strong partnerships with the C-suite and your superiors. Listen to their needs and advocate for frontline staff, including nurses. Building trust and respect in these relationships is crucial for maximizing your healthcare system privileges.

Additionally, regularly update your dashboards and distribute quarterly reports on your activities and outcomes. Never assume others are aware of your contributions. Just like any other profession, it’s essential to validate your work consistently.

Embrace your role as a Clinical Nurse Specialist and share your achievements on social media to raise awareness and celebrate the significance of this profession. Enjoy the exciting journey ahead!

Dr. Mitzi
NACNS President (2023-2024)


California State University of Dominguez Hills

  • Wendy Barahona
  • Kristopher Klein Clemeno
  • Anna Haas
  • Jason Leung
  • Isabel Mcdonald

Galen School of Nursing

  • Timothy Page

Johns Hopkins University

  • Molly Rodriguez

Old Dominion University 

  • Erin Dymon
  • Kelly Luellen
  • Crystal Silbak
  • Kaitlyn Sowell

Point Loma Nazarene University 

  • Marie Ullrich 

St. John Fisher College

  • Kate Jarvis

University of Detroit Mercy

  • Jon Benson
  • Kacie Garver
  • Stephanie Johnson
  • Christopher Marzec
  • Deborah Sanders

University of Maryland, Baltimore

  • Devan Martin

University of South Alabama

  • Sandra Tsay

Winona State University

  • Laura Larsen
  • Deborah Lindell 

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