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Congratulations to Summer 2023 CNS Program Graduates!

Dear Summer 2023 Graduates,

Congratulations on your recent graduation from a CNS program!

I believe the best thing about being a new CNS is the autonomy. Suddenly, you have the freedom to expand your practice and thinking and make changes happen with authority — the very changes that prompted you to become a CNS in the first place.

The ability to crack the egg wide open on all the knowledge, skills, and experience you have paired with CNS leadership, you can now practice at the highest level, the APRN level — and even diagnose and prescribe medical care.

But take my advice: partner well with the C-suite, or your boss’s boss. Listen to their needs and take them to the front lines. Express to them the needs of nurses, too! Also, establish physician partnerships and be bold in letting them know what you can do as a CNS. You need these relationships of trust and respect to develop your set of healthcare system privileges to practice to the full extent of your capabilities.

Finally, create and update your dashboards often and distribute quarterly reports on your activities and outcomes. Never assume others know what you are doing. All professions have to validate their work, and we are no different.

Now, enjoy being in the best nursing role—the CLINICAL NURSE SPECIALIST! And don’t forget to splash your achievements all over social media to grow this incredible role across the globe and celebrate you.

Dr. Mitzi
NACNS President (2023-2024)

Edgewood College

Jonathan Milton

Gwynedd Mercy University

Lauren Adams

Indiana University

Sonia Hedge

Liberty University

Kylie Weant

Michigan State University

Emily Hapner
Sophie Petti

Point Loma Nazarene University

Juan Fernando Manuel Montano
Merari Morales
Kona Yang

Purdue University Northwest

Julia Chase
Kassandra Hyde

St. John Fisher University

Cynthia Burgess
Elizabeth Willome

Texas Christian University

Natalie Raincsuk


Kate Echereodo

University of Colorado

Megan John

University of Minnesota

Rachel Tien

University of South Alabama

Shiny George
Kelsie Otten
Coral Pettit

University of Southern Indiana

Kelly Duke
Ashley Eads

University of Virginia

Candace Melendez

University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

Zeineb Selmane

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