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Clinical Nurse Specialists Praise Supreme Court Decision for Reducing Restrictions on Scope of Practice for Health Care Providers


North Carolina Board of Dental Examiners v. Federal Trade Commission

“The National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists (NACNS) applauds the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that the North Carolina Board of Dental Examiners illegally thwarted competition by engaging in anticompetitive conduct to prevent non-dentists, including those offering lower prices, from providing teeth whitening services.

“This case has clear implications for nurses, advanced practice registered nurses, such as clinical nurse specialists and other health care professionals. NACNS strongly opposes unnecessary restrictions on the practice of any qualified health care provider. Limiting patient access to care may increase cost and can compromise the quality of care.

“NACNS was proud to join the American Nurses Association, the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists, the American College of Nurse Midwives, and the other signers of an Amicus brief encouraging the court to side with the Federal Trade Commission. Requiring active supervision by an independent state agency will provide the necessary assurances that regulatory boards comprised mostly of practicing professionals will act in the public’s interest, not in their own self-interest.

“As clinical nurse specialists, we strongly believe that we must always act in the interest of our patients and all health care consumers. Unnecessary restrictions and regulations that limit access to health care do not serve the interests of health care consumers, nor do they serve to advance health care in our nation.”

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