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The National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists Announces Media Partnership with Collaborative Approach to Diabetes Care Conference

Philadelphia, PA – Because of dramatic increases in their prevalence, diabetes and obesity have become among the most common and costly health problems in the U.S. and other developed countries. Diabetes is now considered a global epidemic and a leading chronic disease with the highest burden of cost and loss of quality of life. The average cost for caring for a diabetic patient has been estimated to be about four times greater than the average health care costs for a non diabetic patient with most of the costs associated related to the management of its chronic complications. As reimbursement rates continue to be governed by rigorous checks and balances, hospitals will be responsible to properly manage their patient’s glycemic levels in order to reduce readmissions. The clinical nurse specialist (CNS) and the nursing team play a large role in the identification and management of these patients. NACNS has joined as a media partner in order to offer access to this conference for our members. This three day conference includes discussions of:

  • How to Improve Diabetes Quality of Care through Joint Commission
  • Guidelines to Effectively Manage Perioperative Glycemic Management in Acute Care
  • Evidence-Based Team Approaches to Improve Diabetes Care
  • New Endocrine Society Guidelines: Management of Hyperglycemia
  • Creating a Case Management Department of the Future
  • Expanded Applications with Telehealth and the Diabetes Patient
  • Reducing ED visits
  • Reducing Readmission Rates

“Diabetes is an epidemic in the United States. Armed with cutting-edge knowledge, the CNS can assist in decreasing complications in the diabetic patient, stated Rachel Moody, MSN, CNS, RN, NACNS 2012 president. “NACNS president-elect Carol Manchester, MSN, ACNS, BC-ADM, CDE will be speaking on the topic of, Guidelines to Effectively Manage Perioperative Glycemic Management.”

For more complete conference information please contact Gia Bosch at 414-255-9525


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