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NACNS President Joins the White House and Nursing Organizations to Discuss the Affordable Care Act and Delivery System Transformation

Philadelphia, PA— On Wednesday, June 13th, NACNS President and nurse leader Rachel Moody, MS, CNS, RN participated in a White House meeting to discuss how nurses work to improve the delivery of health care. As president of NACNS, Ms. Moody spoke of the many ways the clinical nurse specialist (CNS) works to transform the care of individual patients and patient populations. She also addressed the significant contribution the CNS makes to cost savings for the healthcare system.

CNSs are prepared to provide care to patients across the health-illness continuum, including wellness to acute care. CNSs provide expert care to patients with complex conditions. They advance health care through a number of strategies, including designing and implementing innovative evidence-based interventions; and influencing and enhancing the practice of other nurses.

“The CNS has an important and often overlooked contribution to quality patient outcomes, health system cost savings and the implementation of delivery system transformations. I am pleased that the White House acknowledges the contribution of the CNS to the changes that are needed in the health care system to fully implement the Affordable Care Act,” stated Ms. Moody. “I look forward to continued conversations and look forward to the opportunity to advocate for the CNS role in our reformed healthcare system.”

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