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Clinical Nurse Specialists Are Uniquely Prepared to Manage Patients with Chronic Conditions

December 12, 2017

New Report Highlights Implications for Policy, CNS Education and Practice Philadelphia, Pa. – Today more patients than ever are living longer and managing chronic health conditions in their day to day lives. Health costs associated with chronic conditions are skyrocketing and managing patients with chronic conditions requires an understanding of not only the disease process...

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Refusing to Correctly Classify Clinical Nurse Specialists Skews Data

November 30, 2017

National Nursing Leader Says CNSs Need to Be Categorized Correctly “Sadly, yet again the Office of Management and Budget has incorrectly classified clinical nurse specialists (CNSs) as a title within the broad occupation of general registered nurses (RNs) in the federal government’s Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) System’s 2018 revision. NACNS had once again requested to...

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AMA’s Resolution Is Out of Step with Broader Health Care Community

November 22, 2017

CNSs and Other APRNs Provide Quality Care, Says National Nursing Leader “We are incredibly disappointed that the American Medical Association (AMA) is fanning the flames of a settled argument with their call for the creation of a national strategy to oppose legislative efforts that grant full practice authority to non-physician practitioners (Resolution 214). In an...

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